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Demonstrations in Rome today and interesting things to do, happenings with a strong appeal, enjoy them with Scott House.

This 3 stars nearby the Viminale has an absolutely strategic position, ideal to easily attend all the most important available demonstrations in Rome every time of the year.

Our hotel is located in central via Gioberti, a well reachable location by public transport. You will use the very same transportation means in order to quickly reach all the different parts of the city, where many outstanding events are constantly organized.

The main districts and squares are only a few minutes away from our building, and it's exactly in this area that associations, political parties and organizations go to the streets to demonstrate their own economic or social agenda to the government.

Some performances of great interest are also related to sport competitions, and you will be able to join unique and popular demonstrations at the Olympic Stadium or inside the historical Circo Massimo, both situated close to our facilities.

Things to do in Rome. Last but not least, the biggest "demonstrations": this town features the greatest music shows ever on the national and international panorama, such as the May 1st concert in Piazza di Porta San Giovanni.