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Guided tours Rome Bernini, art

Guided tours in Rome and Bernini, the perfect mix offered by Scott House Hotel. A special trip will let you discover the masterpieces that still today make this city famous in the world.

The Renaissance period obviously left indelible marks on Rome, and its own modern look is the byproduct of the works made around the 17th century. These are the architectures we have in mind anytime we are thinking of actual Rome. We will see them with these guided tours.

Bernini has contributed to design many identifiable landmarks of Rome, which we will admire during our guided travel.

We will take you to visit the most extraordinary locations in town, now become symbols of Rome. We will explore the main buildings linked to his life, places that will vividly survive in people's imagination and memories.

Here some of his recognizable artworks: St. Peter's Square; Sant'Andrea al Quirinale; the Scala Regia in the Vatican; the Sepolci of Urban VIII and Alexander VII; the Chapels Cornaro, Raimondi and Paluzzi Albertoni; the Palaces Montecitorio, Chigi-Odescalchi and Barberini; the Fountains of the Four Rivers, the Moro, the Triton, and the Barcaccia.

Guided tours, Rome and Bernini. Tours and incredible guided experiences tailored for you and editable according to your expectations.