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Guided tours Rome Mussolini

Guided tours Rome Mussolini, touristic trip

Guided tours in Rome.

Mussolini and the twenty years of Fascism led indelible signs of their history on the look of the capital city. Main remnants of that epoch are visible in buildings, monuments and landmarks which allow us to better understand this specific historical period.

Scott House, a 3 stars hotel located near the Viminale hill, offers outstanding guided tours of the town. They all are three hours long and they are managed by a professional multilingual staff. You can book it directly at our reception desk.

These daily guided visits are the best way to get in touch with this kind of architecture.

This travel will see us in downtown Rome, in the EUR area, in southern part of Rome, a district wanted and built by the Italian dictator.

After that we will lead you to a walk inside the Foro Italico, another structure realized in the same era. We find here the identic peculiar details of dictatorial constructions, reminiscent of the ancient grandeur of Imperial Rome, but adopting a modern and cold artistic language.

We will take you to many other places in these tours, such as: The Square Colosseum, Via Cristoforo Colombo, the Marbles Stadium, the Obelisk, the mosaics and the Squares Emperor Augustus and Venice, guiding you in an interesting and original journey.