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Rome rainy day

Rome in rainy day, suggests and things to do

Rome in a rainy day. Need suggestions on activities and things to do in Rome?

Don't let bad weather steal the excitement off your Roman holiday, you can still explore the numerous landmarks and enjoy lots of things to do and incredible events.

A rainy day is the perfect chance to visit the exhibitions housed in the several museums, galleries and foundations of all types, always providing the best of the Italian cultural panorama every day.

We highly recommend the MAXXI museum, the Ara Pacis, the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, the Modern Art Gallery, the Quirinal Stables and the Cloister of Bramante.

This one houses a masterfully designed contemporary coffee shop, ideal to spend some pleasant times relaxing and reading a book.

Things to do in Rome during a rainy day?

While not the greatest occasion to walk around the streets of the old city, you can discover the typical neighborhoods and squares by comfortably sitting in a bus. There are many guided tours exploring the town available daily.

You can stay indoor at the Esquilino market, rich in products and spices of Middle Eastern origin.

Cinema goers can choose among a large variety of cinemas, and select their choice of blockbuster, vintage, or signature film.

Finally local theaters offer a very interesting portfolio of plays.