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Exhibitions Rome

Exhibitions in Rome, amazing events in the city. Discover them with Scott House, a three stars Hotel nearby Termini Station, we will surely inform you on the recent cultural news of the town.

We'll make sure you won't miss the most important exhibitions during the time of your journey. Some in downtown are really too good to be missed, organized by public and private organizations and associations constantly working to organize a wide selection of exhibitions and performances you can enjoy.

There are several buildings housing national and international masterpieces made by excellent artists.

Painting, sculpture, live show and photography are only a few among the many subjects of art to be explored at every local exhibition.

Tourists can visit artistic places such as: the Capitoline Museums, the Palazzo Barberini, the Cloister of Bramante, the Quirinal Stables, the Vittoriano, the Villa Torlonia.

Here the exhibitions highly recommended:

La casa d'artista: collezioni, sculture e arredi del Museo Pietro Canonica;
I vestiti dei sogni;
Rome and the Great War. 1915 – 1918;
The Age of anxiety. From Commodus to Diocletian (180-305 AD).